戸建て住宅リノベーション K邸 / A house renovation.

This is a renovation of a 2 story wooden house, which was built by a local housing manufacturer 25 years ago. We changed a wall-mounted kitchen to an island kitchen. We put a large countertop so that the family can have meals or spend a time there while cooking. The ceiling is made of wood, and little blue pigment is added to the plaster on the wall. The floor is the combination of cherry board and herringbone of Angsana board.

rs-rt-49527993222_6cd94b7133_oキッチン /  A kitchen.

rs-rt-49527255198_1acc2d5064_o 収納カーテン /  A curtain in front of a storage.

rs-rt-49527992887_408212b595_oカウンター上の照明 /  A light over the counter.

rs-rt-49527766856_78a16796a7_o出窓のタイル天板 /  A tiled counter in a bay window.

rs-rt-49527255143_af40306b97_oカウンター側面のタイル /  A tiled wall under the counter.

rs-rt-49527994402_ec02fc2fc7_oキッチン /  A kitchen.

rs-rt-49527255438_9645fcd3cf_o漆喰塗料ワークショップ /  A painting workshop.



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