戸建て住宅リノベーション I邸 / A 4 step house.

We renovated a part of an owner’s 4 story building to a house. The house is for a family of  4 members on the 3rd floor. We made  a space for each member of the family by changing the floor height. There is a dining table at the center of the house, and they can control their privacy by opening and closing the curtain. Cypress boards are used as a flooring material, and they are from a village where they lived.

rs-rt-41724052654_0ef8e2da8d_oキッチンからリビングを見る /  A view of a living room from a kitchen.

rs-rt-28574041098_fdb41e28fc_o一番低いフロア リビング /   A living room on the bottom floor.

rs-rt-27577131557_399b2e18d1_o一番高いフロア 寝室 /   A bedroom on the top floor.

rs-rt-41545155885_c5211769b9_o寝室から子供部屋、リビングを見る /   A view of a kid’s room and a living room from the bedroom.

rs-rt-41545156135_e63fc8c558_o2つの中間フロアは子供たちのスペース /  There is a kid’s area on the two middle floors.

rs-rt-42396691822_13bfbb360f_oキッチン /  A kitchen.

rs-rt-42396690602_e35d41ec43_o中間フロア 子供たちのスペース /  The middle flors – a kid’s area.

rs-rt-42447537371_20f2e740e1_o各フロアはカーテンで仕切られる /  Each floors will be divided by the curtain.


rs-rt-27577024827_7fcb415de0_oフロア下は引き出し収納として活用 /  A space under the floor is used as a storage.

rs-rt-42447423321_e086627b89_oタイル貼りワークショップ /  A tiling workshop.

rs-rt-41545075895_619e0daeb2_oタイル貼りワークショップ /  A tiling workshop.

rs-rt-42447425011_e957b72ff5_oタイル貼りワークショップ /  A tiling workshop.



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