International documents of TSUMIKI design & construction For foreign views including architecural and urban planning professions.

Here we have three international documents about our company for foreign viewers including architectural and urban planning professions. These are about our services, philosophy, architectural projects, and community organizing actions in Ichikawa-city, based on our consistent concept; Tomoni Tsukuru =Making Together.


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– International documents vol.1 (published in 2020.1)

What is Tomoni Tsukuru?

– International documents vol.2 (published in 2019.3)

Part1(1-5pages) : Services offered / Making Together / Philosophy & Pedagogy

Part2(6-21pages):Projects of Participatory renovation and workshops

Part3(22-29pages) : Insulation DIY workshop / members of Tsumiki / Author

– International documents vol.3 (published in 2020.

Projects in Ichikawa-city / Community organizing /Bottom-up revitalization of local cities / International projects.

What is Tomoni Tsukuru?2

Other english documents of educational projects
Asian Architecture Summer Workshop in Sagi-island, 2018
Asian Architecture Summer Workshop in Sagi-island, 2019
‘KOSAGI DINING TABLE’ as a part of Hiroshima Art Toriennale pre-event 2019
Ichikawa Design School of Design, Summer 2019


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